The maintenance method of jewelry can be divided into two parts: when the jewelry is worn and after the jewelry is worn.

Maintenance when wearing jewelry:

-To prevent jewelry damage, it is necessary to prevent jewelry from coming into contact with perfume, alcohol, delustering water, detergent, cosmetics, or other substances containing chemical ingredients. If you often have the habit of spraying perfume, it is recommended that you can wear the jewelry after spraying the perfume.

-Avoid wearing jewelry when bathing in hot springs, bathing, or going to the beach, so as not to affect the luster or damage the jewelry

Maintenance after wearing jewelry:

-If you don’t wear it for a long time, it is recommended to wipe off the sweat and grease remaining on the jewelry after wearing it with a soft cloth, and then use a cotton swab to dip petroleum jelly to coat the jewelry with a thick layer of oil before putting it into the folder In the chain bag, take it out and wipe it clean when you want to wear it to avoid rusty jewelry.

-Because the materials of the jewelry are different, the hardness is also different, it is recommended to store the jewelry individually in a zipper bag, not only can isolate air oxidation, but also avoid being injured by rubbing each other in the same jewelry box.

​Accessories cleaning and maintenance:

1. For general accessories, just mix a little neutral dishwashing detergent with clean water, clean it with a soft toothbrush, and wipe off the water with a soft cloth after washing.

2. Because K gold jewelry is electroplated on the surface, you must not wipe it with silver washing water or silver wiping cloth. The original golden color on the surface will be wiped off. It is recommended to wipe with glasses cloth. If the surface of the K gold jewelry loses its luster, you can use a toothbrush to dip a little white powder (expanded powder) on the surface, and let it stand for one minute after cleaning to restore the luster.

3. The blackening of silver jewelry is caused by vulcanization with sulfur in the air. As long as you use silver washing water or silver wiping cloth, silver jewelry can restore its previous luster. If you are worried about the weight loss of silver jewelry, you can also use higher-grade silver washing cream To take care of your precious silver jewelry.

4. For slight dirt, you can use a toothbrush or cotton pad to dip the toothpaste on the darkened area. After gently rubbing in a circle, the oxidized part can be removed and the polishing effect can be achieved.

5. If it is difficult to remove the dirt with toothpaste alone, it is recommended to add vinegar and lemon juice to the toothpaste, apply it to the jewelry and wait for ten minutes before cleaning. If it is still difficult to remove, use copper oil. Copper oil can almost solve all the problems of rust spots, but because it is a metal compound, wear gloves when using it, and wipe off the finished jewelry several times to avoid the residual chemical agent from contaminating the body.

6. After the jewelry is polished, because the surface of the jewelry will be ground off a thin layer, the metal surface will be quite fragile at this time, remember to oil and protect the jewelry as soon as possible!

The above is the small jewelry maintenance and cleaning method that Alix has compiled for you, and provides you with a reference for daily jewelry maintenance~ If you are worried about damage to precious jewelry, such as gold jewelry, diamond rings, necklaces and other expensive jewelry accessories, I suggest you bring them Don’t worry if you go back to the store to deal with the professionals!